Freedom, Inc. provides a wide array of culturally-relevant programming for our members. Because we are constantly adapting to the specific needs of the populations we serve, these groups may also change over time. But if you would like to learn more about a group, please reach out to the staff person listed.


Youth Programs

All of our youth programs are anti-violence groups that work to end violence for girls and LGBTQ+ people through political education, leadership development, and relationship building. 

Freedom Youth Squad
Black, Hmong, Khmer youth leadership program.  For more info, contact: Shyra Adams | sadams [at]

Freedom Youth Organizing Camp
Summer program for all youth in Madison area For more info, contact: MT Yang |  mtyang [at]

Books and Breakfast
A weekly program for youth of color designed to promote literacy, learning and life skills. For more info, contact: Shyra Adams | sadams [at] or MT Yang | mtyang [at]

Black Girls Matter
Anti-violence program that is culturally specific for Black girls.  For more info, contact:  Shyra Adams | sadams [at]


Nkauj Hmoob 
This support group is a South East Asian girls/teens organizing program and was founded in 2004 by Chai Moua. Our mission is to build strong female leaders that can create social change, at home, in the community and in their own lives. Nkauj Hmoob's programs include political education, organizations skills, LGBTQ issues, domestic violence, outreach, and leadership development.  For more info, contact: MT Yang | mtyang [at]

Viv Ncaus Dance Troop
Viv Ncaus Dance Troupe was founded in 2007 by the dancers of Ntsais Plia in Madison, WI. Our mission is to end gender based violence by building sisterhood that will challenge patriarchy, homophobia, racism, and classism through the use of Hmong arts. We believe that is it a necessity for us to document our stories and the stories of all the women who have come before us, and we do so by creating Hmong dances. For more info, contact: MT Yang | mtyang [at]


Adult Programs


Hmong Women's Group
Hmong women ages 18+.  For more info, contact: MT Yang | mtyang [at]

Wisdom Project
Anti-violence program that is culturally specific for Hmong women elders.  For more info, contact: Maiv Nyiaj Moua | mmoua [at]

50 Plus and Fabulous
A program for Black elders. For more info, contact: Jessica Williams | jwilliams [at]

People Like Us (PLUS)
For Black and Southeast Asian people who identify as LGBTQ+.  For more info, contact: M Adams | madams [at]