Intersectional Justice

The three pillars of our work are Gender Justice, Queer Justice, and Black and Southeast Asian Liberation.  Yet it is impossible for us to disentangle these pillars from one another, because we strive to bring an intersectional lens to all of our work that understands all of these concerns as deeply interconnected. 

Check out some of the links below to learn more about what intersectional justice looks like for us.

I’m An Immigrant Fighting For Queer Rights and Racial Justice | Fundamental

Video:  In this episode of Fundamental US, “Rising Power,” we go to Madison, Wisconsin, where we meet community organizers Kabzuag and M, co-directors of Freedom Inc. What began as a sexual assault support group has grown into an organization at the forefront of battles over education reform, police brutality, land access and ownership, women’s safety and security, and mental health. Driven by their own intimate experiences of violence and poverty, M and Kabzuag have carved out a spacefor multiracial, multilingual, and multigenerational community members to disrupt a broken system, equipping Black, Hmong, and Khmer, women, queer, and gender nonconforming folks with the tools they need to confront oppression in all facets of their lives and ultimately build a roadmap toward shared liberation.


Generative Organizations with Freedom, Inc.

Podcast:  Freedom Inc. staff Kabzuag Vaj, Bianca Gomez, and Zon Moua join us for a conversation about the complexities of building a multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-gender organization working to end violence and advance gender & racial justice in Madison, WI. Their real talk about building leadership long-term, and enacting accountability while welcoming members to grow, embodies disciplined, graceful, transformative base-building.  Transcript available here.



Love is Love - featuring Zon Moua and M Adams

Freedom Inc. created these videos as part of our Love is Love campaign at the 2014 Vilas Video Camp at UW-Madison. The campaign was designed to highlight the work of our queer staff and the increase the visibility of Black and Southeast Asian queer leaders.